Photo Albums
2023 OMASC 30th Anniversary and Coronation Ball
The Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel
2014 OMASC 21st Anniversary & Coronation Ball - LAX Marriott Hotel
2013-2014 Computer and Printer Donations
Ms. Elsie Navarro-Amansec, OMASC Director and Past President, presenting donation of  1 computer system to Naujan Municipal High School- Feb 2014.
Ms. Cusi, OMNHS Librarian and Dan Nable, OMASC Director and Past President, with the 2 computer systems donated by OMASC in July 2013 in the background.
2013 Christmas Caroling
2013 OMASC 20th Anniversary & Induction Ball - LAX Marriott Hotel
2013 OMASC Picnic - Barnes Park, Monterey Park, California
2013 OMASC Medical, Surgical & Dental Mission - Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
2012 OMASC 19th Anniversary and Coronation Ball
2012 OMASC Picnic - Barnes Park, Monterey Park, California
2011 OMASC 18th Anniversary and Induction Ball

September 17, 2011 at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel 

2011 School Supplies and Wheelchairs Donations Project - Naujan and Victoria
2011 School Supplies Donations Project - Puerto Galera
2011 OMASC Picnic - Barnes Park, Monterey Park, California
2010 OMASC Picnic - Barnes Park, Monterey Park, California
2009 OMASC Picnic - Barnes Park, Monterey Park, California
2009 USTMAASC Medical Mission - Calapan

Jan 31 & Feb 1, 2009- Medical & Dental, Jan 30 to Feb2, 2009 Minor Surgery


2009 Medical Mission - Roxas

Feb 2. Medical, Dental ,  Cataract and Pterydium Surgery Feb 1, 2 & 3. 

Medical Mission - Puerto Galera

Feb 3, 2009 - Medical, Dental & Minor Surgery 


This album holds pictures of OMASC's networking relationship with other organizations.  The Association of Mindorenos (TAM) based in Manila, by a resolution approved by its board, established sisterhood with OMASC.  

TAM President Percy Aranas, met with his OMASC counterpart, President Ernie at the residence of Hermie & Mila Maramot.  The two talked about how TAM and OMASC can help each other achieve their goals.  From left to right: Ernie Cleofe, Ro
Calapan City library

Pictures taken during our surprise visit. Eddie and I introduced ourselves and they were very happy to see us. They showed us the different sections of the library but for some reason, we only took pictures of the children's section. I guess because they were nicely displayed.


St Augustine Seminary Library- Eddie and I helped this library with books from 2002 to 2004.According to the current librarian, college students from the province come to this library to work on their projects for they have the most titles.
January 11-12, 2008 - Naujan Flood Relief Operation

Several barangays of Naujan suffered back to back devastating floods towards the end of 2007 and the start of 2008 resulting in damaged crops, ruined houses and school buildings, and untold sufferings of residents. OMASC responded by distributing 2000 food packages to 10 affected barangays.  The distribution was personally managed by Mrs. Linda Macalintal,  OMASC Philippine Liaison, in coordination with Mayor Romar Marcos and  Mrs. Edna Llamoso, Municipal Social Worker.  The pictures in this album show some of the highlights during the 2-day relief operation.


OMASC Projects

Firetruck donated to Victoria 

Flood Relief Operation in 2007

Omasc worked very hard to raise money to help flood victims in Calapan and neigboring towns. 3 major flooding occurred in Dec. 2006. Eleanor Evangelista, current president and husband Ed Evangelista went home to manage the distribution. She was assisted by Erlinda Macalital. The sisters in Salong were very nice to let us use the convent for packing. On hand were members of OMHS class 56 who helped in packing and distibution. Gov. Panaligan let us use their trucks and drivers for distribution. Ester de Guzman and her 2 sons Marion de Guzman and Marvin de Guzman also worked  very hard to help us distribute the food. This is when I learned that Linda Macalintal was such a skilled driver. She drove her car to remote areas where streets are extremely narrow.

2010 OMASC Anniversary and Coronation Ball
2009 OMASC Anniversary and Induction Ball
OMASC Scholars
I am one of the OMASC College Scholars. Macario B. Masagca, Jr., a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Management at the Divine Word College of Calapan on March 28, 1999.