Towns of Or. Mindoro

1st District
            Calapan City
                   Seat of Provincial Governmnet  
                   Center of Commerce and Industry
                   Center of transport/Communication
                   45 min. from Batangas Int'l Port
                   Land Area: 250.06 sk. kms.
                   Political Subdivisions: 62 Barangays
                   Population: 105910
                   34 kms. away from Calapan City
                    Land area: 52804.15 hectares
                    The largest freshwater lake in the province
                    Inland fishing spans more than 350 has.
                    Political Subdivisions: 70 barangays
                    Population: 83,478

             Puerto Galera   
                    "Tourist Haven by the Sea"
                    "One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the world"
                     Land Area: 25,478.23 hectras
                     Political Subdivisions: 13 barangays
                     Population: 21925
                     Biggest white marble deposit

                     "Fruit Basket of Oriental Mindoro"
                     34 kms. away from Calapan City
                      Land  Area: 29185 hectares
                      Political Subdivisions: 32 barangays
                      Population: 48496
                      Home to an agricultral college (MINAS

                      Land area: 14,184.64 hectares
                      70 kms. from Calapan City
                      10,000 hectares planted to coconuts
                       Abundance in raw materials from industry
                       Political Subdivisions: 23 barangays
                       Population: 29,156

                       "Inland Paradise of Oriental Mindoro"
                        Central highland traversed through the                      
                               Strong Nautical Highway
                        Land area: 19,273 hectares
                        60 kilometers away from Calapan City
                        Political Subdivisions: 26 barangays
                        Population: 31,176

               San Teodoro
                         An agri-Tourism destination
                         Home to 13 natural waterfalls
                         Land Area: 36910 hectares
                         Political Subdivisions: 8 barangays
                         Population: 14,844
                         19 kms from Puerto Galera
                         32 kms from Calapan City

                         Home of "Annual Banana Festival"
                         Major crops: rice, banana, coconuts, 
                              vegetables and black pepper
                          Land area: 24,175 hectares
                          Political Subdivisions: 27 barangays
                          Populations: 30,167
                          Producer of quality abaca

        2nd District
                          "Paradise at Rainbow's End
                           Land area: 27,800 hectares
                           69 kms. away from Calapan City
                           NOted for processed fruits like fruit preserves, 
                              banana chips, sweet tamarind, pastilles,
                                   and buco pie.
                           Political Subdivisions: 37 barangays

                           "Bamboo capital" of the province
                            76 kms. away from Calapan City
                            Accessed thruogh the Strong Republic
                                    Nautical Highway
                            Land area: 28029 hectares
                            Political Subdivisions: 27 barangays
                            Population: 50,513

                             An emerging agro-industrial center
                             Banana plantation 5,000 hectares
                             Land area: 36,910 hectares
                             Political Subdivisions: 13 baramgays
                             Population: 34,860
                             85.1 kms. away from Calapan City
                             Ginger Plantation at Goldenhills

The prime agri-industrial town"
                              Accessible through Strong Republic 
                                        Nautical Highway
                               Land Area: 49,820 hectares
                               2nd province-wide in coconut production
                               Political Subdivisions: 36 barangays
                               Population: 59,477
                               Major coco-based products:
                                           copra and crude coconut oil

                               "Center of trade and Commerce in the South"
                               Land area: 8,526 hectares
                               148 kms. away from Calapan City
                                Abundant agro-forest wastes
                                Population: 44,824
                                Main Industry-Agriculture
                                Political Subdivisions: 20 barangays
                                Major Port to Caticlan

                                "Best harbor area of the South"
                                 151 kms away from Calapan City
                                  Land area: 49,827 hectares
                                  Political Subdivisions: 17 barangays
                                  Population: 50,513
                                  Home to about 12,000 Mangyans
                                  Original Mangyan handcraft skills

Emerging as a tourism town"
                                   Land area: 24,175 hectares
                                   Political Subdivisions: 27 barangays
                                   Population: 30,167
                                   Producer of quality abaca
                                   Major crops: rice, banana, coconuts,
                                            vegetables, and black pepper
                                   Fruit plantation about 6,000 hectares